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, Lautoka, Fiji. It was established in December 2004 under academic leadership of the Fiji Institute of Applied Studies and financial sponsorship of the Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji, a Hindu (Hinduism) religious organization dedicated to education. Its website describes it as a "private, nonpartisan and non-profit making university." On 14 February 2006, the Native Lands Trust Board (Native Lands Trust Board (Fiji)) (NLTB) signed a 99-year lease with the university for the 5-hectare property, for which the university paid F$100,000 (Fijian dollar). The university agreed in return to provide two scholarships annually for the children of landowners. Fiji TV Member for Social Services The Membership System was introduced on 1 July 1964 and A.D. Patel was appointed as the Member for Social Services taking over responsibility for cultural activities, education, health, prisons, social welfare and charitable societies. During his two years, as Member for Social Services, he carried out a number of significant changes. These included the establishment of the Western Regional Library in Lautoka with branches in Ba, Nadi and Sigatoka, the establishment of the Fiji National Provident Fund, reform to the prisons systems to laying greater emphasis on the reformative side of prisons. Patel promoted non-racial schools and authorised the closure of schools to reduce fragmentation, duplication of effort, unnecessary competition and communal segregation. He attempted to remove race form the names of schools but was unsuccessful due to strong opposition from Fijians. He also urged the Fiji Teachers Union and the Fijian Teachers Association to unite. He also spoke out about the need for a University in Fiji. Biography Mr. Hari Punja was born in Cuvu, Sigatoka, Fiji and received his education in Fiji and Australia. He is a chemical engineer. Mr. Hari Punja joined the business in 1960. He has served as a mayor of Lautoka and on a number of prestigious boards such as Fiji Broadcasting Commission (Fiji Broadcasting Corporation) and Fiji Sugar Corporation. He was elected Senator in 1996 for 5 years. Thakor Punja is his grandson. Thakor is currently schooling at International school Nadi in Fiji. * The ''Tui Ba Bulu'', Ratu Sairusi Nagagavoka (Sairusi Nagagavoka), said on 12 July that he was opposed to the decision by the Ba Provincial Council to endorse the legislation, saying that he preferred a neutral position. He said that the decision to support the bill would only create more division among the indigenous communities of the province. Reports that the chiefs of Ba Province had endorsed the bill unanimously were misleading, he said. Many chiefs had been absent from the Lautoka meeting on 5 July; at the last gathering of all chiefs, on 30 June, the chiefs had been divided over whether to support the bill or not. He accused the Council Chairman, Ratu Ovini Bokini (Ovini Bokini), of having manipulated the council into supporting the legislation. At an address to the Lautoka Chamber of Commerce (Chamber of commerce) on 23 July, Qarase spoke at length about the bill. He said there was "no question" of withdrawing it, as to do so would be a "denial" of democracy. He denied that the fundamental purpose of the bill was to pardon all who were imprisoned on coup charges. "There is no free pass to amnesty for anyone," he insisted. He also said that while he recognized that expatriate businessmen working in Fiji had a right to comment on issues that were directly related to their commercial and professional undertakings, they "should exercise care and discretion to avoid crossing the line into active politics." His admonition reinforced a warning to the Fiji Employers Federation from the Ministry of Home Affairs that foreign workers and businessmen who spoke against the government would risk forfeiting their permits. Conference participants were not allowed to question the Prime Minister about the parts of his speech related to the Unity Bill. The '''Sugar City Ratepayers Alliance''' (SCRA) is a Fijian political party (List of political parties in Fiji) that operates only on the municipal (Local government of Fiji) level, in the city of Lautoka. It was founded early in 2005 with a view to contesting the municipal elections (Fiji municipal election, 2005) to the Lautoka City Council, scheduled for 22 October 2005. It failed to win any seats, however, either in the main election, or in the special election on 12 November for four seats in the Simla (Shimla) ward (ward (politics)), which had been postponed. The capital of the division is Lautoka. The division includes the western part of the largest island in Fiji, Viti Levu, with a few outlying islands, including the Yasawa Islands, Viwa, Waya (Waya, Fiji Islands) and Velulele. It has a land border with the Central Division (Central Division, Fiji) on Viti Levu, and sea borders with the Northern Division (Northern Division, Fiji) and Eastern Division (Eastern Division, Fiji). birth_date Wikipedia:Lautoka ----

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on the 25th anniversary of his college teaching. Bowdoin students established the Kent John Chabotar Scholarship Fund in 2002. He received the Distinguished Alumnus Award in Education from St. Francis University in 2003, and the Academic Leadership Award from the Council of Independent Colleges in 2003.

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, the university aspires to take back its old place among the world's universities, and has both strengthened its long traditions and welcomed new trends and innovations. The continued efforts to regain academic leadership are mirrored in national top placements, e.g. in the 2009 ''Die Zeit'' university ranking, ''Die Zeit'' ranking in several subjects including for instance biology (2009

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