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San Gil

that leads down the canyon. You will encounter many crossings. Best thing is to ask locals when they pass by. After you went down 900m to the canyon you will hit a dirt road. Turn right and it's a 20min walk to Jordan. In Jordan cross the bridge and ask at the house on the other side (there is only one) for accommodation and food (in Feb. 2011 that seemed to be the only option, 15.000 COP for a small dinner and sleeping). They also do a decent set lunch if you walk to Jordan in the morning. walking time: 4-5h * '''Jordan - Los Santos''' - The last part consists of a 900m difference climb to get out of the canyon. Cross the bridge over the Chicamocha river. The stone path starts just after, you can't miss it. The path goes up continuously but is never too steep and getting to Los Santos should take around 2 hours. Avoid doing this in the midday heat. There´s a house selling refreshments halfway up. Los Santos is a decent size town compared to Jordan. Buses leave from the main square. To get back to San Gil, you first need to take a Piedecuesta bound bus that will drop you at on the San Gil - Bucaramanga road at a place called Los Curros (5,000 COP). Flota Cachira goes there but Transporte Mesa de Los Santos takes a different route to Piedecuesta, check with your driver to be sure. From there flag down a bus to San Gil (12,000 COP). Other option is to go to the nacional park Chicamocha and cross the canyon with the Teleferico. From there you can flag down a bus going back to San Gil. walking time: 1.5-2h Buy Artesanías Eat Some of Santander's Famous Regional Foods: *Hormigas Culonas (literally "big ass ants" roasted with salt, tastes kind of like popcorn) *Arepa Santandereana ( a thick corn arepa mixed with salt and pork) *Carne Oreada (traditional thin steak) *Carne Seca ( a dry pulled steak) *Cabro (goat) *Mute *Changua (milk soup with egg) *Fritanga (fried food snacks) *Chorizos del Valle de San José (specialty spicy sausage) *Arroz de Peñaflor (specialty rice) Restaurants * WikiPedia:San_Gil


conditions. For example, they are smaller than conventional hourses, can go without water for days at a time and urinate less than conventional horses. Several theories abound as to their heritage. Some say that they are remnants of the German Imperial Army abandoned during WWI. Others speculate that they are descendants from a shipwreck cargo. Follow the sign post north of the B4 about twenty kilometer west of Aus. Buy Fish is the best thing available. Eat Luderitz is a center for rock

Teluk Intan

, but now was paved with bricks and become plaza. *'''Batu Tenggek''' (Growing Rock). This rock was believed to be placed by the British soldier originally in a size of a matchbox. This small rock grew bigger each year until it reach the size of a boulder. Do Buy *'''Heong Peah''' Chinese traditional biscuit with crispy layer outside, soft malt sugar paste inside. Teluk Intan Heong Peah is very famous as well as Heong Peah from Gunung Rapat (Ipoh). It is the best thing to buy


, many Westerners find that the best thing to do is to simply walk around. Rustavi is largely untouched by tourism, so the observer can see Georgian city life in a very pure form. Go to the cinema, the theatre, check out a cafe, drink some beer. Buy Rustavi has two bazaars in town. There is the old bazaar, located incidentally in Old Rustavi, and there is the new bazaar, located in New Rustavi. To get to the old bazaar, simply take any #14 marshrutka heading towards Old Rustavi (southeast away


. phone tollfree fax hours price content A small hill with a traditional house on top. The best thing about this spot is the night view of the city. * ja:全州

Punta Cana

Drink *Drinking from the tap is not recommended. You should be okay using it to brush your teeth, but don't swallow it. Most hotels provide bottled water in the rooms; restaurants and bars use purified water and ice for your food and beverages. *All-inclusive resorts

Vang Vieng

this, or have been sharing buckets with people with conjunctivitis or wearing sunglasses at night, the best thing to do is shell out for eye drops as soon as possible to prevent the onset. If this should happen late at night, be aware that eye drops alone should cost a maximum of 20,000 kip. Some of the late night pharmacies attempt to extort tourists, charging up to 5x the normal price for eye drops. As well as eye drops, general antibiotics are available from any pharmacy. In some cases eye


tollfree fax hours Late June price content * Buy '''Eight Treasures Tea


. The highest viewpoint features chasms, gorges and mountaintops bathed by a sea of clouds, which gives one the impression of standing "above the clouds". Do If you are in Asmara for a short stay, the best thing to do after you're done sightseeing in this city is to head for the outskirts where the scenery is stunning at the very least. Unless you come from a high altitude area yourself, you need a couple of days of strolling in Asmara to get your body used to the thin dry air


a time where you can run out of things to do in this place. Nevertheless if you look hard enough, you will find something to occupy your time with. In the harsh hot weather during the summer with temperate ranging over 40-45 degree Celsius, you may take a stroll in the park. There are horse riding activities, boating, feeding ducks. Besides that, the best thing to do is rehydrate yourself as often as possible, and protect yourself with some SPF (read SPF 30 and above). Then comes the other

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