blank5_info blank6_name blank6_info website footnotes '''Taghaza''' (also '''Teghaza''') is an abandoned salt-mining centre located in a salt pan (Dry lake) in the desert region of northern Mali. It was an important source of rock salt for West Africa up to the end of the 16th century when it was abandoned and replaced by the salt-pan at Taoudenni which lies

was abandoned and Taoudenni, situated to the southeast and thus nearer to Timbuktu, took its place as the region's key salt producer. In 1828 the French

with those of Taghaza. Fifty years later Valentim Fernandes wrote


as Shevchenko from 1964-1992), Kazakhstan, situated on the shore of the Caspian Sea. Construction of the BN-350 Fast breeder reactor began in 1964, and the plant first produced electricity in 1973. In addition to providing power for the city (150 MW e ), BN-350 was also used for producing plutonium and for desalination to supply fresh water (120,000 m³ fresh water day) to the city. - Kazakhstan Aktau ( Mangyshlak

and indoor pool in district 9. There is also a gym inside but no shopping center. To take advantage of the superior location of the hotel, you should request a sea-view. * Grand Victory Hotel - 150-200 USD per night, classy place with pool, gym and shopping center in district 13. Views can be as good as the Renaissance or could be of a Soviet building. * Chagala Hotel - 100-200 USD per night

, offers a wide selection of long-term suites with kitchens and short-term rooms. It is the only beach hotel in the city of Aktau. * Grand Nur Plaza - 150 USD per night, is theoretically a 4 star hotel, but it is priced the same as the much better appointed and located 5 star hotels in town. * Golden Palace Hotel - 100 USD per night, has the best location, along with Aktau Hotel, for central offices in Aktau and Aktau night life. However, it is not very well appointed. * Aktau Hotel - 100 USD

Ko Pha Ngan

. If you need a real escape, here it is. Also has a Moon Set Party at the Pirate Bar. The party is arranged regularly a few days before the Full Moon Party. * '''Haad Yao''' — A long white sandy beach just north of Haad Chao Phao, slightly more developed with more beach bars, a 7-Eleven, ATMs, and restaurants, but clean nice sea and snorkelling further from the beach with accommodations from 150 baht. Maybe the best beach on the west coast. * '''Haad Salad''' — An idyllic cove with several

trees. * '''Haad Khom''' — 20 min walk east of Chalok Lam on a steep concrete road or a few minutes ride from Chalok Lam you will find a nice quiet beach with clean seas and soft white sand where you can relax and do some of the best snorkelling on the island. There are only around 5 accommodations with good prices (from 150-300 baht for a bungalow), so the beach is not crowded. Only the one closest to Chalok Lam, CBB, has 24 hr electricity, the others use diesel generators. Together

with Bottle Beach and Chalok Lam Bay these are the best beaches on the northern coast and the entire island. * '''Bottle Beach''' — Also called "Haad Khuat", one of the most isolated beaches on the island, on the north coast accessible by longtail boat from Chalok Lam (150 baht person) or by a 2-3 hr long, tough hike from Haad Khom beach (this hike named the beach due to the use of plastic bottles to mark the trail). There is also the road option, on one of the worst roads on the island

Williams Lake, British Columbia

; In 1863, the town was excited by the news of the construction of Cariboo Road, believing it would pass through their already established and important trading centre. However, the roadbuilder Gustavus Blin Wright rerouted the original trail so that it bypassed Williams Lake and went through 150 Mile House instead.

German 3,725 20.0% - Swiss (Swiss people) 215 1.2% - Finnish (Finns) 150 0.8% - Danish (Danes) 230 1.2% - Iceland (Icelanders) 90 0.5% - Norwegian (Norwegians) 830 4.5% - Swedish (Swedes) 695 3.7% - misc. Scandinavian (Scandinavians (disambiguation)), May include Sami (Sami people) and Kven (Kven people) 85 0.5% - Lithuanian (Lithuanians) 15 0.1% - Czech (Czechs) 120 0.6

% - Maghrebi origins (Maghrebis) 15 0.1% - Maghrebi (Maghrebis), n.i.e. 15 0.1% - misc. Arab (Arabs), 25 0.1% - Chinese (Han Chinese) 150 0.8% - Filipino (Filipino peoples) 25 0.1% - Overseas Indonesian

Financial District, San Francisco

the A Geary-Park (List of defunct San Francisco Municipal Railway lines#A Geary-10th Avenue) line was inaugurated, running between the Financial District (Financial District, San Francisco) and the Richmond District (Richmond District, San Francisco) on the western side of the city.

; California and Van Ness (Van Ness Avenue (San Francisco)) Financial District (Financial District, San Francisco), Nob Hill (Nob Hill, San Francisco) Schedule Route map (PDF) - - F Market & Wharves width "150" Jones and Beach (Jones and Beach Station) width "150" Market Street (San Francisco

rowspan "2" Schedule Route map (PDF) - - style "background-color:#DDFFDD" 1 California† width "150" Clay and Drumm width "150" Geary (Geary Boulevard) and 33rd Ave. Financial District (Financial District, San Francisco), Chinatown (Chinatown, San Francisco), Nob Hill

Bandar Seri Begawan

, Weston (Weston, Sabah), Keningau, Papar, Kota Kinabalu, Kota Belud, Sandakan, Tawau, Seria, Lumut, Sungai Liang, Tutong (Pekan Tutong), Lumut ahn Jalan Seria Bypass Jalan Pandan Lima Kuala Belait town centre Kuala Belait Ferry Port Silver

Jubilee Park Northeast: Kampung Mumong Seria Tutong (Pekan Tutong) Jerudong Bandar Seri Begawan Muara (Muara, Brunei) T-junction - - Anduki Anduki Intersection Northeast: Jalan Seria Bypass Kampung Anduki Anduki Lake East: Jalan Lumut Bypass Lumut Sungai Liang Labi (Labi, Belait) br>

;Telisai Tutong (Pekan Tutong) Jerudong Bandar Seri Begawan Muara (Muara, Brunei) T-junction - - SPARK Intersection Northwest: Simpang 787 Sungai Liang Industrial Park Northeast: Jalan Tutong-Seria Sungai Liang Labi (Labi, Belait) Telisai Tutong (Pekan Tutong) Jerudong Bandar Seri Begawan br>

Córdoba, Veracruz

; * Armand Mercier steps down from the presidency of the Southern Pacific Company, parent company of the Southern Pacific Railroad. *147 (Mexican Federal Highway 147): Tuxtepec, OAX - Palomares (Palomares, Oaxaca), OAX *150 (Mexican Federal Highway 150): México, DF - Puebla (Puebla, Puebla), PUE - Tehuacán, PUE - Córdoba (Córdoba, Veracruz), VER

- Veracruz (Veracruz, Veracruz), VER *150D (Mexican Federal Highway 150D): México, DF - Puebla (Puebla, Puebla), PUE - Córdoba (Córdoba, Veracruz), VER - Veracruz (Veracruz, Veracruz), VER *150 (Mexican Federal Highway 150): México, DF - Puebla (Puebla, Puebla), PUE - Tehuacán, PUE - Córdoba (Córdoba, Veracruz), VER - Veracruz (Veracruz, Veracruz), VER *150D (Mexican Federal Highway 150D): México, DF - Puebla (Puebla, Puebla), PUE - Córdoba (Córdoba, Veracruz), VER

Civic Center, San Francisco

by the Arlene Francis Foundation, a private foundation run by Peter Gabel, former president of New College and Arlene Francis's son. The Science Institute classes were held at the Southern California University of Health Sciences in Whittier, California, within F Market & Wharves width "150" Jones and Beach (Jones and Beach Station) width "150" Market Street (San Francisco

(PDF) - - 9L San Bruno Limited Weekdays daytime service only width "150" Main and Mission (Mission Street) width "150" Bayshore and Arleta Financial District (Financial District, San Francisco), Civic Center (Civic Center, San Francisco), Mission District (Mission District, San Francisco, California), Portola (Portola, San Francisco, California), Visitacion Valley, San Francisco, California

; rowspan "2" Ortega and 48th Ave. rowspan "2" Tenderloin (Tenderloin, San Francisco), Civic Center (Civic Center, San Francisco), Golden Gate Park, Sunset (Sunset District, San Francisco) rowspan "2" Schedule Route map (PDF) - - 5 Fulton width "150" Jones


''' in the '''Talasemtane national park''' via Asilane (Gite, 200 Dh per person incl. meals) to Akchour (Double rooms from 150 Dh) also starts up the big mountain on a 4WD track which goes of in the north of Chefchaouen just after the camping site. At the peak at about 1800m is a camping site. Be advised though that there maybe snow even until April, so be prepared for cold temperatures. There are at least two water sources on the way up, so you'll not need to carry too much water. It's about 14km

997, +212 661 895 010, +212 652 278 569 price 150 MAD for single, 250 MAD for double, 375 MAD for triple, 500 MAD for quad lat 35.16950 long -5.26169 content Nice guesthouse right in the Medina. Clean and quiet with a great view on the top floors. Hot water on demand. Shared facilities. Not for people with mobility problems. *

40Dh per night per person, breakfast of a loaf of French bread and jam included checkin checkout content A nice, clean place; catch it during low season and you'll likely end up with a room to yourself. Amenities include a big terrace with a hammock, laundry service, kitchen, and 24 hour hot water. The staff don't speak much English. *


to per side with a central courtyard. The ruins

are covered with vegetation, and only the remains of one room is visible. Petersen, 2001, p. 201. Geography Lajjun is situated on an elevated hill with an altitude of 150 meters above sea level, located on the southwestern edge of the Jezreel Valley (''Marj ibn Amer''). The village is located on both the banks of Wadi al-Lajjun, with Jenin and the entire valley visible from it. It is bordered by Tall al

was , most of it being in Umm al-Fahm and Lajjun. Hadawi, 1970, p.150 Demographics During early Ottoman rule, in 1596, Lajjun had a population of 226 people. In the British Mandate (British Mandate of Palestine) survey in 1922, there 417 inhabitants. In the 1931 census of Palestine, the population had more than

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