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Dryden, Ontario

of musicians who perform under conductor Ryan Graham. Media Radio * FM 92.7 - CKDR (CKDR-FM), adult contemporary * FM 100.9 - CBQH (CBQT-FM), CBC Radio One (repeats CBQT-FM Thunder Bay) * FM 102.7 - CKSB-6 (CKSB-10-FM), Ici Radio-Canada Première (repeats CKSB-10-FM Winnipeg) * FM 104.3 - CKQV-1 (CKQV-FM), Hot AC (hot adult contemporary) CHR (contemporary hit radio) (repeats CKQV-FM Kenora) * FM 97.3 - CJIV (CJIV-FM), Christian ''(defunct)'' Print

Broadcasting adult contemporary - - CJIV-FM 00 97.3 FM Dryden (Dryden, Ontario) Way of Life Broadcasting Christian radio - - CFCD-FM 00 98.5 FM Dryden (Dryden, Ontario) Dryden Chamber of Commerce tourist information - - CBQH-FM (CBQT-FM) 0 100.9 FM Dryden, Ontario

adult contemporary - *Garuda Indonesia Domestic Flight (1982 Garuda Fokker F28 crash) - March 20, 1982, runway overrun at Tanjung Karang-Branti Airport (Radin Inten II Airport) in bad weather, 27 fatalities. *Air Ontario Flight 1363 - March 10, 1989 (Dryden, Ontario, Canada): 24 fatalities. Due to various factors including snow, ice and lack of use of anti-icing measures. *USAir Flight 405 - March 22, 1992 (Queens, New York, United States): 27 fatalities. Due to ice

Leamington, Ontario

; 00 92.7 FM Leamington (Leamington, Ontario) Blackburn Radio adult hits - - CHYR-FM 00 96.7 FM Leamington (Leamington, Ontario) Blackburn Radio adult contemporary - - CBEF-1-FM (CBEF) 0 103.1 FM Leamington (Leamington, Ontario) Première Chaîne public (public broadcasting) news talk radio talk

; and was forced to keep the adult contemporary format for eight months, dropping all 1970s music (1970s in music) and a lot of 1980s (1980s in music) music from the playlist, focusing on upbeat music from the 1990s (1990s in music) through today, but retained some 1980s songs. The station made the switch at 4:00 PM (EST) after running its annual Christmas music and an on-air music test for two hours. The surprise flip caught listeners off guard, but according to Clear Channel Detroit OM

, Bruno Mars, and Katy Perry. The station competes with Adult Contemporary WMGC (WMGC-FM) and Adult CHR (Hot Adult Contemporary) WDVD, as well as hot AC station CHYR-FM from Leamington, Ontario. It was moved to Mediabase's hot adult contemporary reporting panel in February 2011 (2011 in radio), with Nielsen BDS following suit in August, thus completing WNIC's shift from AC to hot AC that month, particularly because the station cannot became hot adult

Elliot Lake

from Sudbury (Greater Sudbury) or Timmins. * FM 90.3 - CBEC (CBCS-FM), CBC Radio One * FM 94.1 - CKNR (CKNR-FM), Moose FM adult contemporary * FM 98.7 - CKNR-1 (CKNR-FM), Moose FM adult contemporary CRTC Decision 2007-330 * FM 101.7 - CBON-5 (CBON-FM), Première Chaîne * FM 102.5 - CJTK-3 (CJTK-FM), Christian (Christian music)

- - CKNR-FM 00 94.1 FM Elliot Lake Haliburton Broadcasting Group adult contemporary - - CKNR-FM-1 (CKNR-FM) 00 98.7 FM Elliot Lake Haliburton Broadcasting Group adult contemporary - - CBON-FM-5 (CBON-FM) 0 101.7 FM Elliot Lake Première Chaîne public

Espanola - CJJM-FM *Elizabethtown-Kitley, Ontario TP *Elliot Lake C (City) *Emo, Ontario TP frequency 94.1 MHz (FM (FM radio)) city Elliot Lake, Ontario format adult contemporary '''CKNR-FM''' is a Canadian (Canada) radio station, which broadcasts an adult contemporary format at FM (FM radio) 94.1 in Elliot Lake, Ontario. The station uses the on-air brand '''Moose FM'''. Rodriguez was one of two MPs who called

Grand Falls, New Brunswick

Astral Media adult contemporary - CKMV-FM (CJEM-FM) 00 95.1 FM Grand Falls Radio Edmundston adult contemporary (French (French language)) - CFAI-FM-1 (CFAI-FM) 0 105.1 FM Grand Falls La Coopérative des Montagnes active rock (French (French language)) Climate

contemporary : Although used primarily on the RockDétente stations of Quebec, the other AC stations used the adult hits jingle. * Hot adult contemporary: Used only on CKFM-FM Toronto & CJFM-FM Montreal, CIBX-FM Fredericton, New Brunswick & CIKX-FM Grand Falls, New Brunswick, CIQM-FM London, Ontario as well as contemporary hit radio station CKMM-FM Winnipeg. CKZZ-FM Vancouver used the rock jingles instead

for 2009-2010, but now uses the hot AC jingles. Until 2010, CIQM-FM London, Ontario used the adult hits jingles instead due to the fact the station had an AC format, while the KBS Radio stations in British Columbia (e.g. CJAT-FM) use the adult hits jingles instead. Another exception is CHRX-FM & CKRX-FM, which use the top 40 jingles instead, and most recently, Edmonton's CFMG-FM. * Contemporary hit radio: Used on CIBK-FM Calgary and the British


Atikokan Dougall Media adult contemporary - - CFOB-FM-1 (CFOB-FM) 00 95.9 FM Atikokan Northwoods Broadcasting hot adult contemporary - Business routes '''Highway 11B''' is the designation for business routes of Highway 11, nine of which have existed over the years. Two continue to exist today, while the remaining seven have been decommissioned highway decommissioned

- CKF3 Atikokan (General Hospital) Heliport (List of heliports in Canada#9) Atikokan, Ontario - airdate 1927 frequency 91.5 MHz (FM (FM radio)) as of June 4, 2007 93.5 MHz (FM (FM radio)) Atikokan as of December 4, 2011 580 kHz (AM (AM radio)) until August 3, 2007 format hot adult contemporary '''CKPR-FM''' is a radio station in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Owned by Dougall Media, the station

broadcasts a hot adult contemporary format at 91.5 FM, and 93.5 FM in Atikokan, Ontario. ** Ontario *** west of 90° West (90th meridian west): Atikokan area and New Osnaburgh (Mishkeegogamang First Nation) Pickle Lake area * '''Eastern Standard Time (Eastern Time Zone)''' EST UTC−5 and '''Eastern Daylight Time''' EDT UTC−4

Temiskaming Shores

radio community *104.5 FM - CJTT (CJTT-FM), adult contemporary Newspapers Weekly community newspapers include ''The Temiskaming Speaker'', ''The Temiskaming Speaker'' ''Le Reflet'' ''Le Reflet'' and ''The Temiskaming Speaker Weekender'' ''The Temiskaming Speaker weekender'' and the biweekly ''The Voice

;103.5 FM Temiskaming Shores 1158556 Ontario Ltd. (CHIM-FM) (Roger de Brabant) Christian radio - - CJTT-FM 0 104.5 FM Temiskaming Shores Connelly Communications adult contemporary - frequency 104.5 MHz (FM (FM radio)) city Temiskaming Shores, Ontario format hot adult contemporary '''CJTT-FM 104.5''' is an FM (FM radio) radio station in Temiskaming

Shores , Ontario, with a hot adult contemporary format. The station is co-owned with CJKL-FM in Kirkland Lake (Kirkland Lake, Ontario), by Connelly Communications Corporation. Cobalt, Haileybury, and New Liskeard were formerly known as the Tri-Towns. When Haileybury and New Liskeard were amalgamated into the city of Temiskaming Shores in 2004, Cobalt decided to remain a separate town. However, the two municipalities continue to have a close relationship, including the operation

Hearst, Ontario

, CBC Radio One * FM 92.9 - CHYK-2 (CHYK-FM), francophone hot adult contemporary * FM 94.5 - CKHT (CKHT-FM), adult contemporary Television *Channel 4: CITO-3 (CITO-TV) - CTV (CTV television network) *Channel 5: CBCC (CBLT (TV)) - CBC (CBC Television) *Channel 7: CBLFT-TV-5 (CBLFT-TV) - SRC (Télévision de Radio-Canada) See also *List of francophone communities in Ontario (List of francophone communities in ontario) References External

Communications hot adult contemporary (French (French language)) - - CHKT-FM (CKAP-FM) 00 94.5 FM Hearst (Hearst, Ontario) Haliburton Broadcasting Group adult contemporary - The federated colleges include Huntington College (Huntington University, Ontario) (United Church (United Church of Canada)), University of Sudbury College (University of Sudbury) (Roman Catholic, descended from the Collège du Sacré

Saint-Jérôme, Quebec

(Rythme FM) adult contemporary (French (French language)) - - Musée d'art contemporain des Laurentides Saint-Jérôme (Saint-Jérôme, Quebec) Laurentides Art website, contemporary art - La Rivière-du-Nord (La Rivière-du-Nord Regional County Municipality) Saint-Colomban (Saint-Colomban, Quebec) (P), '''Saint-Jérôme* (Saint-Jérôme, Quebec)''' (V), Sainte-Sophie (Sainte-Sophie, Quebec) (V), Prévost (Prévost, Quebec) (V

OF DEATH December 4, 1995 party colour Bloc residence Saint-Jérôme (Saint-Jérôme, Quebec), Quebec office1 Member of Parliament for Laurentides (Laurentides (electoral district)) Owned and operated by RNC Media, it broadcasts on 104.9 MHz (Megahertz) using an omnidirectional antenna with an effective radiated power of 3,000 watts (class A (List of broadcast station classes)). The station airs an adult contemporary format (with a heavy emphasis

towards oldies since 2006) branded as '''Planète Lov''' (it was known as '''Lov Radio''' from 2006 (2006 in radio) until September 2008 (2008 in radio), when almost all RNC stations rebranded as '''Planète'''). Part of CJLA-FM's programming is simulcast on co-owned CHPR-FM in neighbouring Hawkesbury, Ontario. Its musical playlist is similar to the Montreal French (French-language) adult contemporary stations CFGL-FM and CITE-FM (although CFGL-FM's playlist

Winkler, Manitoba

on the AM dial at 1530 kHz, then moved to 1570 kHz in 1987, and since 2013, broadcasts on the FM dial at 88.5 MHz. CJEL-FM, an adult contemporary music station branded as The Eagle 93.5, launched in 2000. Though they are not based in Winkler, several other radio stations are notable in the Winkler area. The signal from Golden West's easy listening radio station in Altona, CFAM, reaches the Winkler area. Two North Dakota stations near the Canada U.S. border also reach Winkler

: KAOC 105.1 FM (Maverick 105), a country music station in Cavalier (Cavalier, North Dakota) and KYTZ 106.7 FM (Z-106.7, Today's Best Hits), an adult contemporary music station in Walhalla (Walhalla, North Dakota). The former station sells advertisements targeting the Pembina Valley region and maintains an advertising sales office in Morden. Cable television service is provided by Valley Cable Vision. Most Winnipeg-based television (television station) and radio stations can be picked

, Altona (Altona, Manitoba), Cartier (Cartier, Manitoba), Carman (Carman, Manitoba) Geography This is a rural district that include the towns of Portage La Prairie, Carman (Carman, Manitoba), Altona (Altona, Manitoba), Winkler (Winkler, Manitoba) and Morden (Morden, Manitoba). - CJEL-FM 00 93.5 FM Winkler (Winkler, Manitoba) Golden West Broadcasting adult contemporary - - VF2465


). This was the synagogue called "Shaf we-Yatib," to which there are several references dating from the third and fourth centuries (R. H. 24b; Avodah Zarah 43b; Niddah 13a), and which Abaye asserts (Meg. 29a) was the seat of the Shekhinah in Babylonia. The Aaronic (Kohen) portion of the Jewish population of Nehardea was said to be descended from the slaves of Pashur ben Immer (Pashhur), the contemporary of King Jehoiachin (Kiddushin (Nashim) 70b). Mention by Josephus

. In 95–96 Akiva was in Rome (Ancient Rome) (H. Grätz, ''Gesch. d. Juden,'' iv. 121), and some time before 110 he was in Nehardea (Yeb. xvi. 7), which journeys cannot be made to coincide with revolutionary plans. Nathan 'Ukban, however, who is none other than Mar 'Ukban (Mar 'Ukban (exilarch)), the contemporary of Rab and Samuel, also occupied a prominent position among the scholars of Babylon' (see Bacher, "Aggadoth of the Babylonian Amoraim" pp. 34–36

an existing Babylonian academy at Nehardea to his friend Samuel, Rab founded the Sura Academy, where he held property. Thus, there existed in Babylonia two contemporary academies, so far removed from each other, however, as not to interfere with each other's operations. Since Rab and Samuel were acknowledged peers in position and learning, their academies likewise were accounted of equal rank and influence. Thus both Babylonian rabbinical schools opened their lectures brilliantly

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